Spy Listening Devices For Surveillance

Years ago, only heavy audio recording devices were available for collecting audio recordings. They were pretty bulky by today's standards. Those devices often worked within a minimal range and picked up a lot of background noise.

The spy industry has transformed mightily in the past ten years. Small, highly technical listening devices worldwide have entirely changed the bugging device market. While we aren't legally allowed to sell actual wireless bugging devices (with a separate transmitter and receiver) to consumers in America, we do have a wide array of hidden listening devices that work well.

Surveillance Voice Recorder

We have a device for every need, from hidden audio recorder pens that are functional for intimate listening situations to Bluetooth recorder devices.

Previously, audio recording pens only offered a low or average quality recording when trying to capture conversations or voices. Today, with the introduction of digital voice recorders, studio-like sound quality has upped the game.

Audio recorder devices have advanced technology such as voice activation, continuous monitoring, and standby mode to extend the battery life. A lot has improved, from battery life to sound quality in spy cameras and spy listening devices. In this post, we will showcase some of these top-in-class products.

While the products are barely noticeable when hidden, they have long battery life, capture high-quality audio, and have the ability to time and date stamp each recording! Each product is easy to use for both professionals and consumers and is backed by our US-based phone support team.


Some of the listening devices on the market are GSM bugs. GSM bugs connect with cell phones and monitor conversations over long ranges. A GSM bug offers global connectivity. They often have a SIM card, power strip, remote control features, and WIFI capabilities, which allow for remote listening from anywhere in the world.

Currently, actual CIA-style bugging devices are not allowed in the United States, which is one reason why we only sell the highest quality -- yet legal -- hidden listening devices.


There are many reasons why an individual might need to set up listening devices. It might be for private or even public conversations. It could be to protect themselves in a dodgy work situation. It could be to provide surveillance on employees. Most commonly, we have customers requesting recording devices to protect their children or help solve domestic disputes.

It is illegal to record a private conversation in some states without consent from the person you are recording, whether in person or on the phone. At the same time, there are other states where recording conversations is legal and even admissible in court.

Here are some common uses where a spy camera, voice recorder, or similar devices may be helpful.


You may go abroad on a business trip or vacation. Something like our WIFI Spy Camera helps you keep an eye on your place while you are gone. A hidden listening device can also help monitor the house, especially if you have pets or a house sitter who you want to keep track of. There may be house parties going on in your absence. A well-placed recording device will let you know!


A spy camera, or voice recorder, can help you stay connected to your children's activities. Where we have seen increased interest is in monitoring daycare workers or nannies. Anytime hired help is involved, there is also an increased risk. These devices can help protect your child and reassure you of your choice of caretaker.

image of young child on laptop


If you suspect that your significant other or spouse is cheating on you, or you're just trying to get weird thoughts out of your mind with proof, voice recorders can help. We get frequent requests to help pick out devices that will either provide evidence or peace of mind. Something as innocuous as a key fob can ride in the car with your partner and help catch even the sneakiest player.


If you need to meet someone you don't trust or know well, you can use voice-activated voice recorder devices for personal safety. It can also fall under court evidence if you're ever in trouble after such meetings. For example, these recordings can act as evidence to show that you're a victim or not guilty of something. Your wristwatch can become your alibi. In the digital world of Tinder and Uber, these devices provide the hard evidence you need to protect yourself.


Lawyers need multiple forms of evidence. Your lawyer may be able to use your audio recordings to help turn the tables in your favor during a legal case.

Since the sound files are universal, the judge and jury can access the recorded memory (audio files) using a simple laptop and data cable to retrieve the evidence. Using a voice recorder for continuous monitoring in a legal matter can back you up if you fall under any false accusations or allegations.


SpyCentre Security has a professional retail shop in Plano, Texas. That's where we sell hidden voice recorders, spy cameras, and more. All our staff is well-versed and informed about our product range.

Monitoring a private room from a distance or gathering data to present in court are perfect examples of uses for our voice-activated recorders. Here are some of our favorite products.


Multi-Functional Digital Voice Recorder Watch with Bluetooth

The Spy Watch is everything that you hope for. It is a stylish and sleek-looking wrist piece with audio-capture capabilities. The Spy Watch will make you feel like a modern-day, real-life James Bond with up to 40-feet of audio capture range. You can turn the recording mode on/off with a single button tap. You can even time, and date stamp your recordings for evidence gathering!

The device has an 8GB hidden memory in which you can store up to 583 hours' worth of audio recordings. Furthermore, the spy watch gains a full battery life with only a 1-hour charge when you're in a rush. With a single full charge, the device can record for 18 hours continuously. In addition, the rubber banding provides a comfortable hold over your wrist and the modern design blends in naturally when going casual or dressing up for a night out on the town.


Mini Micro Stick Voice Activated Recorder

The Mini Micro Stick Voice Recorder is a voice-activated listening device from SpyCentre Security. You can use it just about anywhere, anytime, and anyway. With the help of the extended battery, you can increase the battery life from 12-16 hours to 120 hours in total. This audio recorder is multi-compatible, i.e., it works with MAC and Windows.

Due to its miniature size, it works perfectly as a hidden sound recording device. It also improves the sound quality and eliminates a great deal of noise. It has a slim LCD for quick control, easy playback, and 8GB of built-in memory to store up to 1152 hours. Each recording can also be time and date-stamped to allow for easy organization.


Voice Recorder Spy Pen with 31 Hour Battery

It's a Spy Pen with voice-recording qualities. It even writes like an ordinary pen to dodge all types of suspicions. While it offers a 31-hour recording time, it can remain in the standby mode for 30 days!

The device is capable of a 2-hour fast charge for urgent use and offers 8GB of built-in memory to store hundreds of hours' worth of high-quality audio files. It easily plugs into a computer through a USB port. It's multi-compatible and can be downloaded to Mac or Windows computers. Under optimal conditions, this covert voice recorder can pick up audio in the 40-feet range.

This one is great for spying and handy for human resources, and journalist interviews as the recordings can be date and time-stamped.


USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150 Day Standby

You don't have to hide this USB Power Bank Audio Recorder because it records while charging your phone! And it's no surprise that a voice recorder in the disguise of a power bank can offer up to 150 hours of standby battery life.

This US Power Bank voice-activated recorder can keep recording for nearly two weeks without stopping. All you have to do is flick the device's dial to start recording. With the massive amount of battery life, it's unrealistic not to put in a vast memory. So, we have decided to equip this excellent voice recorder with 16GB of built-in memory to record over 500 hours of high-quality audio.

This covert recorder also offers the ability to date and time stamp each recording, and you can conveniently offload your important recordings to a Windows or Mac computer. This is hands-down one of our favorite tools.


LawMate Keychain Voice Recorder with Voice Activation

The LawMate Keychain Voice Recorder is another voice-activated and noise-eliminating device from SpyCentre Security. This voice recorder is exceptionally discrete and dodges suspicion since it is a key chain.

The device gives 10 hours of battery life on a continuous recording mode, while the voice-activated mode offers a battery life of up to 50 hours. It takes only 2 hours for a full charge. This small voice recorder has 2GB of storage that can store 35 hours of high-quality audio files.


World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder Voice Activated

To easily slide a sound recording device into your office shirt's breast pocket or pants without anyone noticing, the World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder can detect sound and start to record. This miniature, lightweight, and highly discrete voice recorder takes only 3-4 hours for a full charge. Plus, it can store 90 hours of audio files (total). It's multi-compatible, meaning it works with a MAC and Windows PC. Files can be time and date-stamped, and you can even playback the recordings through the device itself with the included headphones.

With a single button tap, you can toggle between the continuous recording and voice-activated mode. And it also has a 40-foot audio pickup range (lab-tested under optimal conditions).


Hidden listening devices are better than note-taking. First, it can be tiring to keep taking notes in a lecture or interview, especially if you are learning and trying to comprehend detailed information simultaneously. Secondly, listening devices are discreet and don't cause much distraction, unlike note-taking. Note-taking doesn't feature unlimited storage while recording devices have huge built-in memory.

Even if you gain permission to record the conversation, a recording pen is way more discrete, and the interviewee is likely to forget about it and speak more naturally.


The products at our company represent the quality that SpyCentre Security is striving for. We test hundreds of products, and only the best ones make it to our sales floor.


The best customer support personnel and staff work at our Plano, Texas retail store. Every staff individual is well-versed and knows the best qualities of our products. This lets us provide personalized advice for your situation.

Whenever you visit our shop in Plano, Texas, you can feel free to ask as many questions as you like. That's because you will always get the required answer to make the right purchase.


Battery life is something that you can't ignore when it comes to monitoring and listening devices. It's one of the main factors if you want to use an audio recording device over a long period. You can opt for a long-lasting voice-activated recorder and let it collect data for weeks or months.


You will be happy to know that our devices are generally capable of listening in at a 30 to 40-foot distance when used in optimal conditions. That means you can "legally" spy on home, office, and any individual when necessary.


As a user, you will want to play the recordings as quickly as possible and in the most compatible format for your computer, whether you have a Windows or MAC computer. Our devices record in .mp3 files for ultimate compatibility. You can rely on the considerable memory and long-lasting batter to listen to hours of audio files. On the plus side, our devices are multi-device compatible.


Here's a list of disguised body-worn cameras and hidden cameras that we love.


    When you're trying to record in your office or home, gaining visual proof is necessary for you; you can rely on our hidden spy camera device range. Our hidden body-worn spy camera devices have high-definition video and sound quality. Our hidden camera selection can even connect through WIFI to allow you to view your property or business while away remotely. All of our body-worn and hidden cameras offer easy control options and easy playback access.


    You can stop the gaslighting and prevent an accuser from making false claims about you using listening devices. From confronting a cheating partner to stopping a noisy neighbor with the help of authorities, listening devices can help you with a lot of problems.