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Camera Finder & Wireless Bug Detector - Spy Centre Security - 1

Camera Finder & Wireless Bug Detector

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Find one, find them all, this is the latest in hidden camera finder technology. This duel search tool is designed specifically for quick hidden camera locating without the need of expensive RF detectors. It is compact, great for travel, and easy to operate and will identify any covert camera. It doesn't matter if the intrusive camera is on, off, hardwired, or wireless it will locate the exact position of the lens. It also has a built in RF detector that can detect frequencies in the range of 1MHz-6.5GHz.  It has 5 hours of battery life and can be recharged.


This device is very easy to use. To detect cameras simply turn it on and press the LED light switch and you will see red flashing LED lights turn on.  Look though the view finder and start to scan the area. 

If you see a red flashing light reflecting back at you then it might be a camera.  You will want to take 5 steps left or right and look at the same place, if you still see the light then it is not a camera.  If the red flashing light is gone then it could be a camera. 

Go back to your original position and and find the red flashing light again, then you will want physically inspect the device.  Once you are close enough you will be able to see the lens.  You might have to get within a few inches to actually see the camera lens.

To use the RF detector simply turn it on, calibrate the sensitivity, and you are ready to sweep the area. To calibrate the device make sure the antenna is fully extended, turn it on, and adjust the sensitivity. Adjust the sensitivity so that it detects some type of signal then you want to slowly adjust the sensitivity down until it stops detecting something.  Now the detector has been calibrated. 


Do you travel a lot?  Do you think someone has a hidden camera watching you?  This is the perfect device of you.  This camera finder can find any camera it does not matter if the camera is turn on, off, hardwired or wireless it just locates the camera lens.  This is great if you do a lot of traveling you never know know who might be watching.  It also has a built in RF detector that can detect radio frequencies in a range from 1MHz-6.5GHz.  This means you can find audio and video transmitters within this range.


  • Detecting Audio Transmitters and Receivers
  • Detecting Wireless Frequencies
  • Detecting Illegal Wireless Tapping Devices
  • Detecting Wireless Bugs
  • Detecting Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • Detecting Wired Cameras
  • Detecting Cameras turned ON/OFF


  • Detects RF signals up to 30ft
  • Locate a camera lens  from 3 inches- 30ft
  • Easy to read back lit LCD display with battery, signal strength, and alert mode indicators
  • Flashing LED lights and view finder for detecting a variety of camera lenses, both overt and covert
  • Detection of hidden wireless systems, such as listening devices or camera systems
  • Detection frequency range of 1MHz-6.5GHz
  • Easy alerts using visual and audible or vibrating
  • Wireless signal strength indicator and adjustable detection sensitivity for narrowing in on signal source
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery allowing up to five hours of continuous use between charges
  • Charge time: 45 minutes
  • Retractable telescoping antenna
  • Compact and very convenient to transport, easily fits into  pockets


  • Camera Finder & Wireless Bug Detector
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Detection Frequency Range: 1MHz-6.5GHz
  • Antenna Length: 23mm collapsed, 90mm extended
  • Battery: Built-in 3.7V 500mA
  • Current Consumption: 100mA
  • Charging Voltage: 5-6VDC
  • Dimensions: 2.188” L x 1.25” W x 4.063” H
  • Weight: 0lb 2oz
  • Battery Life: 5 Hours
  • Recharge Time: 45 Minutes


Q: Will it detect all cameras?
A: Yes it can detect wireless cameras or hardwired camera. This devices camera finder will reflect off the lens of any spy camera.

Q:What is the battery life?
A:5 Hours, with a 45 minute charge time.

Q:What exactly can I pick up on the RF detector?
A:The RF detection portion allows you to pick up on signals given off from a wireless device transmitting within the 1MHz-6.5GHz frequency range.

Q:How do I use the lens finder?
A:Turn on the units flashing red LED's, once they are flashing look through the opposite side. Stand 5ft from your target and be sure to stand directly in front of the item your are investigating. Look for a flashing red light coming from the device, this may indicate a hidden spy camera or a reflective surface.

Q:How do I know if I found a camera lens?
A:You will see a consistent red flashing light reflecting back at you. Keep in mind the red LEDS are built to reflect off of glass surfaces or surfaces with a shine.

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