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1080P WiFi Nanny Cam Charging Station

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We're proud to be one of the only retail and online stores in the industry to provide the prestigious products from LawMate, one of the only manufacturers of law enforcement-grade quality hidden cameras in the marketplace. Our new Charging Station Nanny Camera can be your powerful new tool to help prevent further loss of product via theft from your inventories, to document cases of abuse at home or loss of valuable paid-time at work being improperly managed.

Just like any of our other LawMate brand products, this item can stream live footage to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, however it's still simple enough that you can even operate it manually with extremely well-hidden on-board controls, without the need of a smartphone application connection. High definition 1080p video resolution filming of the area can be captured either continuously or only when it detects movement in front of the camera, and all this data will be stored onto an SD card you'll need to mount inside, which you can review later by plugging the card into a Windows or Mac computer or simply by logging into the phone app next time you're near the device to connect and download the data directly to your smartphone. Isn't it great that it comes with a 16GB memory card to help get you started?


As mentioned above, this high quality camera is built with on-board controls that make operation so simple that you may never need to use your smartphone to access the camera. These controls include the power button, a switch for using either continuous or motion-activated recording modes, and another to turn on or off the WiFi transmission feature. The same location holds the SD card slot, where up to a 32GB sized SD card can be inserted. For those that worry about bringing attention to the unit from those they're trying to spy on when they need to access the SD memory card, another great way to retrieve the data is to use the PV Cam Viewer application ( available on iPhones, iPads and Android devices ) to log in and download the recordings directly to the phone while you're either logged into the direct-WiFi of the device or to the same WiFi that the camera is connected to. 

In order to be used with the live-streaming application, you would need to go into your phone settings to connect with the camera's WiFi signal, then grab the camera through the phone application and add it to your device list. Within the settings of the camera you can tie it to a 2.4Ghz WiFi signal in the area as long as you know the password, and after this you can log in remotely and see through the camera lens from wherever you may be as long as you have internet signal enough to stream video. When it's set to motion activation recording, you may also receive push notifications to let you know the hidden cam has seen something move in front of it. From there it's a simple thing to switch over the the PV Cam Viewer app and log into the live feed and see what's happening and either hit the record button or wait for the device to finish the file it has already begun to be saved onto the SD card inserted inside. If you worry about the footage being overwritten by new recordings before you get back, enter the camera settings and turn off this loop-recording feature to ensure the information you need does not get lost. 


For unparalleled performance and ease of use, the high quality LawMate line of products have helped many of our customers covertly capture powerful evidence against their targets in divorce cases, custody battles, instances of theft and even more.

Our newest addition could probably be considered as one of our most covert units with how well the on-board controls and micro SD card slot are hidden. The device can be used simply with these controls, or you may use the WiFi feature to stream live video footage to your smartphone from wherever you may be ( within cell or WiFi coverage ) while the camera is tied to the WiFi of your home or office. One of the greatest features is the ability to retrieve your data from the memory card to your smartphone via WiFi when connected to the same WiFi signal, without needing to physically touch the unit to pull the card and plug it into a computer to review. This can mean all the difference to customers that are in troubled homes or offices where they cannot be seen constantly messing around with some random electronic that has shown up in the environment. 


  • Watching for abuses at home or work
  • Check for theft at the office
  • Document the abuses or theft from care-givers
  • Set out in the open for covert surveillance
  • Law enforcement evidence gathering
  • Gather evidence for divorce or custody court cases
  • Watch from remote access as people break into your home


    • 1080P Video 
    • Wireless transmission
    • Working USB Charger
    • Smartphone accessible
    • Supports up to 32GB SD card
    • Lock recordings to not be erased
    • Wireless download of video evidence
    • About 1000 minutes recorded with 32GB memory card
    • Time and Date Stamp
    • iOS and Android apps available


    • Charging Station Nanny Camera
    • 16GB SD Card
    • Power Cable
    • USB Cable
    • Manual for basic operation
    • Manual for PV Cam Viewer smartphone application


    • Recording Resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 848x480
    • Picture Resolution: 2M ( 1600x1200 )
    • Frame Rate: Up to 30FPS
    • Video Format: MOV
    • Photo Format: JPEG
    • Image Sensor: 1/2.9" progressive CMOS sensor
    • Sensor Resolution: 2000x1121
    • Sensor Sensitivity: 0.1 Lux @ F 2.0
    • WiFi Module: ( IEEE 802.11b/g/n )
    • Focal Length: 4.3mm
    • Angle of View: 78.2°
    • Power Input: AC 100~240V
    • Charging Output: DC 5V/1A
    • Dimensions: 1 3/4 in Wide, 4 3/8 in Long, 3 1/2 in Tall


    Q: Does this unit actually provide power?
    A: Yes! The top two USB ports are fully functional, however the bottom two are dummies. Plug some extra cables into these ports and string the excess out of the way so it looks like the unit is charging something out-of-sight. 

    Q: Does it offer a date/time stamp?
    A: Yes, this can be done from a smartphone using the application or a Windows or Mac computer using a Notepad or a TextEdit file, respectively, that would be saved into the root directory of the memory card before plugging the card back into the unit.

     On the app, simply go to "Device Management" to select your device, then "Program Settings" from the main menu and "Synchronize the time" from there. 

     On a Windows computer you'll create a Notepad .txt file; on a Mac this will be a TextEdit file ( in TextEdit Preferences, make sure "Plain Text" is selected and "Wrap to Page" is NOT selected ) and you will title the file as "settime". For a date such as April 21, 2020 and a time like 1:55pm, write it as 2020.04.21 13:55:00 and save the file into the root directory of the memory card. Once plugged into the unit, future files will be date/time stamped. Best practices dictate that you save a copy of this file somewhere on your computer so you can easily re-adjust the time stamp, if needed. 

    Q: What size memory card can it handle?
    A: Up to a 32GB.

    Q: Does this record audio?
    A: No, it does not.

    Q: I'm having trouble setting this up at my hotel / nursing home and accessing the real time footage. What could be going wrong?
    A: This could be caused by the way in which the WiFi is available in the area. Places like these generally do offer WiFi access, but normally this is under guest-access and not admin-access. Ask the administrative staff if you can use their WiFi account to enable this feature for your device. 

    User Manual

    6730 Quick Start Guide

     How to Format Device Memory for Windows, Macs & Chromebooks


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