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Parabolic Listening Devices

No matter if you're just trying to listen to the birds in the trees, the waves beating on the beach, or trying to sneakily hear what the coach is telling the opposite team to play out on the field.
Here, we have a sound amplifier and a parabolic microphone. The sound amplifier will take all the ambient sounds around you and amplify them up to 50 decibels. This is perfect for the bird watcher or elderly parent in your life, allowing them to be immersed in bird song or be a part of the dinner conversation or to catch the latest drama on their soap operas.
The parabolic mic does all this, but in more of a directional pattern, so that you can listen in to a conversation from a long distance away. This is the type you would see in the movies, with the private eye pointing this out the window of his van. Beyond listening in on the neighborhood chatter at the end of the block, it is great for sporting events like high school football and baseball.

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