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Mossad Disappearing Ink Pen - Spy Centre Security

Mossad Disappearing Ink Pen

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Disappearing Ink Pens Just Got Better

The unique new Mossad Pen is an amazing breakthrough in covert ink technology.  This isn't like the normal disappearing ink pen.  This one is thermal activated.  The ink can be alternated back and forth between visible and non-visible formats as often as required.  This ink has been engineered to work on white paper only.

Easy to Use

The Mossad Pen is very easy to use.  Simply write your confidential note then use a blow dryer on the ink to make it disappear.  Then when you want the ink to become visible again place the paper in the freezer and it will reappear.  Another trick to decrease detection is the write in a place that you would not normally write, like on the back or sides of the paper.  This ink has been engineered to work on white paper only.

Why Choose This Product?

The Mossad Pen allows you to attain a very high level of privacy and security for your confidential notes, writings, drawings, etc.  The Mossad Pen utilizes the latest gel pen technology to provide a smooth and quality performance. It is designed to require very little pressure on the paper when writing, so indentations on the paper can be avoided. The ink color is black.  This ink has been engineered to work on white paper only.

What Can the Mossad Disappearing Ink Pen Be Used For?

  • Confidential Notes
  • Drawings
  • Novelty Use

What are the Features of the Mossad Ink Pen?

  • Great for confidential documents in the mail, storage or transport
  • Disappears with heat
  • Reappears with cold
  • Ink can be altered between visible and invisible formats

What's Included with the Mossad Disappearing Ink Pen?

  • Mossad Disappearing Ink Pen
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Gel Pen
  • Pen: 0.7mm fine Point
  • Alternating visibility through extreme heat or cold
  • Ink color: Black
  • NOTE: Works on White Paper Only

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