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UZI Parabolic Sound Dish Kit - Spy Centre Security

UZI Parabolic Sound Dish Kit

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Parabolic Dish Kit Just Got Better and More Affordable

The Uzi Parabolic Sound Device lets you hear sounds up to 300 feet away.  The listening device features a parabolic sound collecting dish to allow you to hear better.  The Uzi Mic has a lot of other options, it also has on/off switch, 8x monocular, microphone, frequency controller,  headphones, and a record and playback button.  The device is powered by a 9 volt battery. The 8x monocular is great for bird watching and then you can even record the birds singing. 

Easy to Use

The Uzi Observation Device Kit is very easy to use.  Simply turn it on, point it towards your target and press the trigger.  You will instantly be able to hear what is going on in front of your parabolic dish.  Just be aware that it will amplify everything in front of the dish so if someone is talking in between you and your target you might hear them better then your target.

Why Choose this product?

Like to go hiking?  Like to go bird watching?  This is the perfect device for you. The UZI Observation Device Kit is great for private investigators, observation, sporting events, or bird watching and listening. 

What Can The Uzi Sound Dish Be Used For?

  • Private Investigators
  • Nature Observing
  • Sporting Events
  • Bird Watching/Listening

What are the Features of the Uzi Observation Dish?

  • Parabolic sound collecting dish
  • Microphone, on/off switch
  • 8X monocular
  • Frequency controller
  • Record button
  • Playback button
  • Headphone
  • Hear sounds over 300 ft. away
  • Digitally record sounds
  • Background noise reduction
  • Takes DC 9V battery
  • Color – Black
  • Item Weight – 28.6 oz.

What's Included with the Uzi Parabolic Dish Kit?

  • UZI Parabolic Sound Dish Kit
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • 8X magnification
  • Parabolic sound device can pick up a human conversation 100m (328′) away
  • Records sounds on the integrated digital chip for later playback of transfer
  • Includes headphones
  • Requires one 9V battery (not included).

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